Kirill Slavetski

Cohesive User Experience Strategy for Product Companies

I am a seasoned design leader with 19 years of experience in product design, UX strategy, design management and user research. Main focus: building and managing data-driven design and research teams. I do it as an in-house Head of Design, as well as an external consultant working with the leadership of product companies and their design teams to set up a system of UX & user research processes and practices tailored to their specific products. I mostly specialize in working with complex business systems & FinTech applications.

Most of what I do professionally is based on my belief that the only real way for a product company to beat the competition is to fully adopt a user-centered approach. Absorb it into the business strategy, not just design operations, and build a system of robust processes ensuring that UX design and research are the main drivers of business results for your product. Being able to facilitate this kind of transformations is what excites and motivates me.

I love building smart, fun and passionate teams that thrive in user-centered design culture, where rapid prototyping and constant experiments go together with in-depth user research. I love the satisfaction that comes from shipping successful products and sharing that feeling with a close-knit team.

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What I Do

I work with established product companies that need to optimise their design processes, team structure, and make sure the impact of UX on the business outcomes is transparent and measurable. I also help early stage startups that are running a series of rapid experiments with their products in order to find the product-market fit. Below is a list of the main formats I use in my work.

Design Strategy Consulting

As a consultant, I work with the leadership of product companies (including founders, CEOs, CPOs and other roles) who need an outside look at all the processes around user experience in their products and teams. Together we dive deep into your current design strategy and all the existing bottlenecks in order to improve the way your design and user research operations are contributing towards the business outcomes.

My main goal is to help you minimise the level of uncertainty, bring more clarity to the way design decisions are being made, and facilitate forming a plan of optimising the approaches and practices around UX.

Email me to book your free introductory call.

Head of Design as a Service

When you are in early stages of building your product team, it’s typical to have one or two product designers reporting to the head of product or sometimes directly to CEO. I work with companies like these by temporarily joining the team as an interim head of design. My goal here is to help set up workflows around design and research tailored to your specific case, build a predictable design process and establish a regular feedback & validation loop, that your team will be able to take forward and develop later on their own. Usually I have the capacity to work in this format with no more than two companies at the same time, so it makes sense to book ahead.

Email me to check the availability for the next few months and discuss the details.

User Interface Design for Complex Products

In my practice I sometimes encounter teams with a very strong tech, marketing or sales background and capacity, but lacking similarly strong product design expertise internally. Often they find themselves under time pressure to deliver the product (or the MVP version of it) fast, although building the internal design team is not a fast process.

I help companies like these by taking care of the user interface design aspect of building a product, which allows internal teams to focus on what they do best. In most cases I deal with complex systems that cannot be properly designed by one person only. In those projects I work with a small team of design professionals and analysts specialising in complex products.

Email me to discuss your particular case.

Hiring Funnel for Design Roles

Hiring product designers and user researchers is not an easy challenge for companies that scale fast. It takes a deep expertise in building and leading design teams to select only the best applicants, interview them, test their skills properly and make informed hiring decisions. It is crucial to find people not just based on their awesome portfolios, but those who actually have a potential to establish a really great foundation for the future product team growth.

For companies that don’t have enough expertise in hiring for design roles I offer my help. I will work with your applicants to filter out the best, and will set up an interview process to select the top candidates according to your specific needs.

Email me to discuss your design team growth.

What Clients Say

The greatest compliments to my work are my returning clients coming from highly diverse domains of business and fields of product development. Most of my clients come through word-of-mouth referrals.

“Kirill is one of the best UX designers I know. I highly recommend him. I hired Kirill for several projects of mine and was also observing his work for third parties over the last few years. Every time, the result was great. He tends to deliver clean, minimalistic designs, focusing on usability rather than excessive bling. Kirill has great ideas of his own, but at the same time he is agile enough to tailor to his client’s vision. Finally, he takes feedback well and is willing to iterate on his designs, which makes him a great team player. He is easy and fun to work with.”

Andrey Doronichev Director of Product Management at Google

“Kirill is a dream UX designer. He creates top-quality interface concepts, stunningly smart and beautiful, fresh and simple, complete and polished in every detail. On time. He’s also an absolute pleasure to work with — creative, intelligent, and incredibly productive.”

Dmytro Lider Co-Founder, Head of Language Technology at Grammarly

“Kirill is great at finalising product details, working iteratively on months-long or even years-long projects consisting of hundreds of user interface screens. And not forgetting about aesthetics and systematic approach at the same time. A rare combination of qualities for an interaction designer.”

Alexander Gornik Chief Executive Officer at Mindbox

“We used Kirill’s services on several projects including Street Light Control System and a complex CRM system. He’s got two things rarely met in one person: analytical skills and right-brain creativity. He can grasp complex business requirements and convert them into beautiful and functional application design satisfying the most rigorous usability standards.”

Anatol Filin Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Gramant

“We worked with Kirill on our delivery service user interface, which included not only the design of client-facing applications (web and iOS), but also administrative back-office section. Kirill thoroughly worked over the UX scenarios and then designed the detailed user interface, drastically improving the quality of order management system’s UI, as well as of our complex order creation process.”

Yury Vilnid Chief Operating Officer at Dostavista

“Kirill delivers great on both levels — taking part in product concepting stage, as well as executing well-thought-out and highly detailed user interface mockups.”

Egor Eremeev Founder at Lettera

“We worked with Kirill on several projects and always got an excellent result. He is definitely one of the best web interface designer I’ve ever worked with. We hope to continue working with Kirill on a future projects and recommend him as an excellent professional and reliable partner.”

Artem Volftrub Chief Technology Officer at Gramant

“Kirill helps solve UX design challenges with lightning speed, not only meeting client’s expectations, but also providing his own perspective into solving the problem. He helps to shape the raw initial vision of a product into the detailed user requirements and then transforms those into high-quality user interface.”

Olena Miroshnyk Head of Web Projects at New Time

Keep in Touch

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me on Telegram. Also: