The greatest compliments to my work are my returning clients coming from highly diverse domains of buisiness and fields of product development. Most of the new clients come through word-of-mouth referrals. Want to share your testimonial? Please, drop me a line at kirill@slavetski.com
“Kirill is one of the best Russian-speaking UX designers I know. I highly recommend him. I hired Kirill for several projects of mine and was also observing his work for third parties over the last few years. Every time, the result was great. He tends to deliver clean, minimalistic designs, focusing on usability rather than excessive bling. Kirill has great ideas of his own, but at the same time he is agile enough to tailor to his client’s vision. Finally, he takes feedback well and is willing to iterate on his designs, which makes him a great team player. He is easy and fun to work with.”
Andrey Doronichev,
Group product manager at Google Inc.
“Kirill is good at finalising product details, working iteratively on months-long or even yearslong projects consisting of hundreds of UI screens. And not forgetting about aesthetics and systematic approach at the same time. A rare combination of qualities for an interaction designer.”
Alexander Gornik,
Managing partner at Mindbox
“Hi. My name is Boris Rokhlenko, I am a founder of Eleven, and I’d like to recommend Kirill. For doing this, there are several objective reasons:
1. Kirill was recommended to me by a quite respectable acquaintance of mine;
2. He did excellent work;
3. Everything he does, he does on time;
4. He works remotely;
5. Working with him is completely stressless.
During the specification stage, Kirill asked only relevant questions, so working through specs took reasonably short time. The execution stage: we had mutual understanding of what the process should look like and when we will get the results. The design itself was exactly what we wanted, well documented and ordered. Kirill even did some additional screens after the job was finished. Finally, we see how the professional design looks in our application. After the job is done, Kirill stays one of your friends you can rely on when you need his opinion (and ask for it when needed).”
Boris Rokhlenko (Patt),
Founder at Elevenapp.com
“In business, accuracy is something you always expect from your partner but rarely get. When dealing with creative professionals, it’s almost an oxymoron. However, Kirill is someone who breaks down this prejudice: You can always expect the job being delivered in time and of the highest quality possible. It was a big pleasure to cooperate with such a responsive, reasonable and professional contractor.”
Olga Kravchenko,
Product manager at Meg.com
“Kirill delivers great on both levels — taking part in product concepting stage, as well as executing well-thought-out and highly detailed user interface mockups.”
Egor Eremeev,
Founder at Lettera
“Kirill is a dream UI designer. He creates top-quality interface concepts, stunningly smart and beautiful, fresh and simple, complete and polished in every detail. On time. He’s also an absolute pleasure to work with — creative, intelligent, and incredibly productive.”
Dmitry Leader,
CTO at Grammarly, Inc.
“We used Kirill’s services on several projects including Street Light Control System, CRM, and a game for social networks. He’s got two things rarely met in one person: analytical skills and right-brain creativity. He can grasp complex business requirements and convert them into beautiful Web design satisfying the most rigorous usability standards.”
Anatol Filin,
Founder and CEO at Gramant
“We worked with Kirill on our delivery service user interface, which included not only front end design, but also administrative section and iOS application. Kirill thoroughly worked over the UX scenarios and then designed the detailed user interface, drastically improving the quality of order management system’s UI, as well as of our functionality-reach order creation process.”
Yury Vilnid,
Executive director at Dostavista
“We worked with Kirill on several projects and always got an excellent result. He is definitely one of the best web interface designer I’ve ever worked with. We hope to continue working with Kirill on a future projects and recommend him as an excellent professional and reliable partner.”
Artem Volftrub,
Director of AdTech department at Gramant
“Kirill accommodates UX design requests with lightning speed, not only meeting client’s requirements, but also providing his own perspective into solving the task. He helps to mould the raw vision of a product into the detailed functionality requirements and then transforms these requirements into high-quality user interface.”
Alena Miroshnik,
Web projects manager at Ukrainian Lustration
“I like Kirill’s approach to handling projects — well-organized and thoughtful process. It was a pleasure to work with a designer who thinks not only on behalf of himself, but from a client’s perspective as well.”
Klera Vilenskaya,
Client on a secret project :-)
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