I have two separate Facebook pages: professional account (in English) and a personal account (mostly in Russian and Ukrainian). You are welcome to follow / friend any of these accounts.
Some of my other social accounts:
A quick glimpse at things or topics I find fascinating:
  • Interaction design (well, obviously);
  • Antique maps and the history of cartography;
  • Book design and the history of print and publishing;
  • Cognitive science;
  • Edinburgh;
  • History of typography;
  • Vladimir Nabokov;
  • Information visualisation;
  • Libertarianism;
  • European history;
  • Urbanism;
  • Minimalism.
Big world
Right now I am in Tallinn, Estonia. Working hard, exploring the city, reading “Introduction to Manuscript Studies” by Raymond Clemens and “The Language of Things” by Deyan Sudjic.
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Skype: erillar